Blog FAQs

Updated: Jan 30

Blog FAQ:

Q: “I’m a high school/college student/adult and I just came across your program. How can I get involved?”

A: To become a writer or editor: Email

Keep in mind there are prerequisites to fulfill before being accepted for either position!

Q: “What is the time commitment for becoming a writer/editor for the blog?”

A: It depends on each person. Some people spend around an hour per article, others more.

Q: “I’ve written an article for a separate project and I’m wondering if I can submit it to the Helyx blog.”

A: Sure, email for more details. Keep in mind that your article will be edited according to our blog guidelines.

Q: “I’m a new writer, and it’s my first monthly assignment. Where do I turn in my articles?”

A: Read the Writer’s Guide carefully. You should be assigned to an editor. If you’re not, send it to and also let her know that you haven’t been assigned an editor yet. Then for your next monthly assignment check the Editor Assignment spreadsheet in the Writer’s Guide to see if you’ve been assigned an editor. *As of right now, we are short on editors, so you may end up being assigned to as your temporary editor.*

Q: “Do I need educational content in my blog posts?”

A: Yes! These are necessary for volunteer hours.