COVID-19 Action Fund 

Presented by Spark Teen (

Helyx Chapters have exclusive accelerated access to the $100 COVID-19 Impact Grant program. 

You have to be part of a chapter to get the special access benefits, as well as our support. 

Helyx can provide free GSuite accounts to grant recipients, which have many benefits. We also have an ample supply of volunteers and advice to assist you.

There are many existing chapters, and some are likely to be near you!

You can also form a chapter with your friends who are part of your impact making team. Join the Discord Server at to get set up!

NOTICE: Instead of filling out the form on the Spark Teen website,  send an email to with ALL the info asked for on the Spark Teen form.


Full details at

"We provide a large number of small grants (>100 USD) to kickstart dozens of teen action projects around the globe. Teens, fighting this crisis together

Whether it’s organizing a food drive for low-income students who don’t have access to school lunch, setting up virtual coffee chats for those stuck at home, an effort to 3D print face masks to combat hospital shortages, or even lead a virtual Yoga class to help calm peoples’ nerves, we’re here to help you make it happen."

How do I participate?

✦ A one-page project proposal with the following information:


✦ A 1-2 minute video describing what you’re doing:

 Full details at