How can I get involved with helyx!

You can, of course, join as a learner and attend in-person and online meetings, ad get access to lecture materials and other virtual resources. You can also sign up to be a chapter president, club leader, volunteer teacher, curriculum developer and more. You can even write original protocols and papers and submit them to the helyx journal! Join our Discord to get started: helyxscience.org

What do members gain?

Students can teach each other and be taught themselves, gaining many hard and soft skills. Also, they gain exclusive opportunities to visit cutting edge labs and conduct advanced science experiments themselves. We are working on securing nonprofit status soon so students can also get volunteer hours. Also, students will earn $10 for each accepted submission to the helyx journal and gain valuable research experience through the science publishing process along the way. Being a chapter leader or club leader is also a great way to build leadership skills.

Where is helyx based?

Helyx is based in San Diego, although we are very interested in expanding to other regions and countries. If you are interested in establishing Helyx in your community, please join our Discord: helyxscience.org

Why should I create a helyx chapter?

Helyx chapters will receive all Helyx learning materials and members will gain special benefits, including invitations to research institutions, networking with guest speakers, opportunities to publish their work, and more. Helyx chapter and club leaders are also eligible to become Helyx executive board members, a great way to demonstrate your ability.

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