Upcoming Events

IYRS 2021

March 2021

IYRS is a conference hosted by Helyx that allowed students to present their research and earn awards for some outstanding projects!

Past Events

Hack The Helyx

April 2020

Online biotech hackathon with thousands of dollars in prizes and a chance to compete in the Sparkteen Pitchfest ($15000 prize pool). 

Online AI Workshop

5/30/20- 5/31/20

2 day collaboration with DMVHacks, teaching AI basics and application to hundreds of students.


06/20/2020 - 06/21/2020

IYRS was a conference hosted by Helyx that allowed students to present their research and earn awards for some outstanding projects!


Started from August 6th, 2020

Our Helyx Edison chapter started a comprehensive tutoring program 

COVID-19 Vaccine Workshop


Seminar ft. Laurent Humeau, Chief Scientific Officer of Inovio Pharmaceuticals. Attendees learned about COVID-19 vaccine development.

Nobel Prize Seminar


By @HelyxRGV. Students hear from Dr. James Allison, Nobel Prize laureate.

Helyx Research Program

Spring 2020

Our first research program comprised of students all around the world who worked on their own independent projects to feed into IYRS and carry on research. Students were guided by experienced mentors.

COVID 19 Research Course

July 26th, 2020

The Helyx Initiative initially introduced a simple, homemade data visualization of how coronavirus was spreading with it's different trends. In collaboration with Beyond the Five, we were able to expand this to broader areas of research for COVID and educate students on COVID research.

Spark Teen Pitchfest/Entrepeneurship Competition

April 2020

Students created a 5 minute pitch video and were judged to advance to the semifinal round of the Spark Teen Accelerator Challenge. 

Helyx East Bay Summer Tutoring


Helyx East Bay hosted their own summer tutoring program in which they taught 6th through 9th graders subjects, ranging from computer science to biology.

Girls Science Nights

July & August 2020

Through the Girls Science Nights, we were able to spark interest in fields, such as engineering and medicine, with the help of our amazing speakers.

Rubsico Program

Starting August 31st

The Helyx North Jersey chapter developed their own mini research program that facilitated student researchers with mentors!

COVID 19 Education Campaign

Ongoing on Instagram

To ensure everyone stays informed of one of the most prominent issues today, with the help of our sponsors at the ACA, we are able to produce educational content that ensures that everyone stays safe and informed during this pandemic.

Helyx Research Program

Starting September 15th

The Helyx Research Program is an initiative that allows students to work on interesting research under the guidance and support of experienced mentors. These students will use the work from the program to present to various competitions and conferences.

Girls Science Night

Ongoing on Zoom

Helyx invites successful speakers in their field to talk to students and inform them of opportunities or give general advise. Join our Discord below for announcements of these events!

AI Workshops

Date TBA

While artificial intelligence is becoming more prominent in the biological context, it is also more difficult to learn about. Learn how to program AI for medical uses and apply it from experienced student researchers!

AI Microcourse

Coming Fall 2020

An in depth AI Micro-course on fundamentals and applications of AI.

Free Online Tutoring

Ongoing on Zoom

Free online tutoring by qualified high school students in math, biology, physics, computer science, and chemistry for elementary and middle school students.

NucleoTide Hackathon


Biotech inspired hackathon where students will come together in teams of 2-4 to create any type of software in any language and win prizes from out amazing sponsors! Click below to learn more

Helyx Research Fair

Coming Fall 2020

An in depth AI Micro-course on fundamentals and applications of AI.

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