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July 2021

Nectar Guides: A Pollinator's Pathway


Isabel Cantu

Isabel Cantú is currently a rising senior at Southern California Connections Academy, in Yucaipa California. Her favorite subjects are math and English, and she’s the president of her school’s Mu Alpha Theta chapter. Some of her favorite hobbies include drawing, playing violin and piano, and spending time running with her two dogs!

June 2021

The Inner Workings of Memory

Celine Chin

Celine Chin is going into her senior year at Yale Secondary School in Abbotsford, Canada. Some of her favorite classes in school include biology, psychology, as well as concert band and choir! During her free time, she likes drawing, watching the recommended videos on YouTube, and playing video games.

MAY 2021

The Health Effects of Posture


Nathan Robinson

Nathan Robinson is currently a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy, in San Diego, California. Nathan's favorite STEM subjects are mathematics and chemistry, though his favorite scientist, Carl Jung, was a psychologist. In his free time, Nathan enjoys running, as well as playing the violin and composing garbage. 

April 2021

Why Fibonacci Numbers Show Up in Plants

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Jenny Lam

Jenny Lam is a senior at Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose, California. Drawn to the genetic coding and chemicals that govern nature, she is passionate about biology, bioinformatics, and chemistry. As an artist, she can be found sketching comics, drawing, and creating digital art in her free time.

March 2021

Yin and Yin and Yang Disrupted: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Poverty 


Armaan Singh

Armaan Singh is currently a freshman at Division High School in Levittown, New York, and is the Vice President of his class. Armaan is an avid writer, published poet, and mathematician and aspires to join the medical field one day. He is training towards a 3rd-degree Taekwondo Black Belt, he teaches martial arts classes and enjoys traveling the world. Armaan hopes to visit every continent one day!

february 2021

The Survival Mechanism of Tardigrades


Reagan Smith

Reagan is a junior from Sage Hill School in Newport Coast, California. She is passionate about all things related to science, especially biology and medicine. She also loves being able to use her talents and knowledge to help others and make a difference in the world.

January 2021

How Far Fetched is Human Immortality?


Jeet Parikh

Jeet Parikh is a freshman at Northwood High School in Irvine, CA. His favorite subjects are Biology and Computer Science, and he recently became an Eagle Scout. When he's not found programming a mobile app or learning about fascinating topics on Youtube, he will likely be listening to music, playing tennis with his friends, or watching Netflix with his family.