About The Helyx Initiative

What Do We Do?

  • Guide students that want to pursue their STEM interests further

  • Create research and STEM opportunities for high school students

  • Provide widespread STEM curriculum

  • Spread STEM education through chapters

  • Promote STEM education through a multitude of different events and platforms

  • Create a welcoming community for students interested in STEM to connect

We have:

  • run a hackathon, Hack the Helyx, with 160 participants from around the world and thousands in prize money​

  • wrote blog posts with thousands of views

  • provided free STEM tutoring to hundreds of students

  • created educational videos/graphics for the public

  • helped raise thousands for coronavirus aid

  • donated hundreds of faceshields

  • launched a podcast

  • brought STEM education to schools in India

Why Do We Do It?

Currently, schools lack necessary education to aid those who are interested in STEM while some don't even expose students to this vast world. To our observation, we decided to fill in the gap and expose these ​students to STEM education and opportunities.

How Do You Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved! Here are a few:

  1. Join the Helyx Discord server here.

  2. Make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION (click blue button)

  3. Create a Helyx chapter.

  4. Make videos for YT and TikTok

  5. Write for our blog (get volunteer hours)

  6. Join our research group (details in PDF below) (EDIT: Now closed)

Get involved with our research program! (now closed)

Enjoy some of our sample curricula!

Science Lab

Computer Science

Helyx student teachers hold seminars and classes where they teach students how to code AI and machine learning algorithms and apply them to a science-related purpose. For example, students learn how to use convolutional neural networks and deep learning to accurately diagnose lung cancer from a single CT scan.

Lab Science

Due to limited lab material availability and teacher training, many high school classes can not conduct more advanced experiments such as Crispr-Cas9 genome editing. Helyx students learn hands-on how to perform a variety of lab techniques and protocols, from CRISPR to gel electrophoresis. Helyx also arranges frequent field trips to local research institutions and labs and invites scientists to come give guest talks on their research.

Research Oppurtunities

These days, schools aren't emphasizing a core principle of science and prominent career, research. At Helyx, our staff who have done vast amounts of intensive research apply their experiences and emphasize both the skills needed for research while also providing platforms for student to express and apply this knowledge.